Persuasive Infographic

Peter Clark

Infographic Memo

To Connie Chandler,

This infographic could be easily used for Weyerhaeuser and a sustainable forestry awareness initiative. Forest lands in the Pacific Northwest impact all of the residents, in the recreational use and by ecosystems. Weyerhaeuser makes a positive impact in forests by ensuring that the management of its operations is certified. Forest management certification programs advance environmental, social, and economic performance over existing management practices. Forests managed for timber have an important role to play in conserving global biodiversity[1].

The target audience for this infographic will be adults or community members with an interest in forest management, ecosystems, or recreational use of conserved lands. This audience might already have knowledge of or an interest in the logging industry. The information on the infographic is easy to read and absorb and may be of an interest to people who have time to look at it.

I am trying to educate this group about the impact of Weyerhaeuser’s sustainable forest management practices and the efforts that it has made to make a positive impact. I would share the infographic with conservation groups and education organizations in the Pacific Northwest who can post it in their public offices and share on social media. I would evaluate its effectiveness by monitoring an increase in website traffic and social media accounts and measuring how many impressions the infographic made and how many infographics were distributed.

The content for my infographic would include information about the impact Weyerhaeuser has for different ecosystems and recreational use of conserved land. The target audience might not know about Weyerhaeuser and its scope in the Pacific Northwest; information about its sustainable forestry practices would be enlightening. Forestry certification is based on a review of field visits by auditors from the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. They look for safe chemical use, preventative measures for pollution, the safety and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

The infographic can be split into two sections: The overview of the company’s resources put towards sustainable forestry and the ecosystems that are cared for in the company’s environmental stewardship[2]. Ecosystems range from any variety of habitats that plant, insect and animal species rely on to survive. Sustainable forestry ensures that food and water sources, and forests are protected and safeguarded from degradation by the logging industry.


[1] Chaudhary, A., (2016) “Impact of Forest management on Species Richness.” National Library of Medicine. Retrieved from

[2] Duncker, P., (2012) “How Forest management affects Ecosystem Services.” Ecology and Society. Retrieved from


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