Persuasive Infographic Tips

For a class assignment, I created an infographic that is designed to persuade a target audience to be more aware of logging industry standards of sustainable forestry management and the efforts of the Weyerhaeuser company.

An infographic is a valuable tool to communicate important and persuasive information for the interests of a cause, company or product. An infographic can show important information in a relevant and compelling way that can reach many people and be shared easily. It will also assist audience members to identify the topic with the company.

Tips for creating an infographic:

  • Keep narrative writing brief to ensure that the reader isn’t overwhelmed by text
  • Use attractive and compelling visuals to display the important information
  • Use current information and sources to make it more compelling
  • Discuss a topic that is interesting to readers
  • Use fonts that are fun to read and can be read at a distance

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