Social Media Project

My group’s social media project examined the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter use by the sportswear companies Adidas, Nike and Under Armour. The process of collecting data was fun and rewarding. My group collected a lot of data about each post in a three-month time period using Qualtrics surveys and in analysis the data had some specific and interesting results. Making the Qualtrics effective required being familiar with the social media platforms and the kid of content that my group was looking to compare and examine among the companies.

The content that the companies published and that reached out to millions of Internet users, were mainly product sales, endorsements by contracted athletes and community engagement. It was fun working with a group for this project because we all had a lot to contribute. Taking a survey, less than a minute per post, for more than 200 posts was easily done with a group involved. Analyzing the data required considering the differences and similarities of the companies and finding patterns in the quantified data. Some analysis was obvious, such as the salient difference in social media use and presence on Facebook on which Adidas and Nike are hardly engaged.

It was interesting to see how a brand can promote its reputation interests on social media. It was important for the companies to have creative and engaging posts, as well as compelling imagery of diversity and sportsmanship. It seemed that Facebook wasn’t utilized for all the options that it has for different strategies of engaging users. Twitter and Instagram were useful tools because they provided a way for customers to instantly engage with the company. Most users were compelled to engage with a post because of an opinion about a product or an interest in the players or games.

This knowledge will help with presenting a brand with consistency on social media platforms in an organization. There are compelling patterns of engagement and content that could provide a basis for a social media campaign, or for an organization to increase its online following.



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